Earl Sweatshirt’s latest musical feat: FEET OF CLAY review

Adam Foss, Reporter

Earl Sweatshirt’s new EP “Feet of Clay” sounds like a collection of leftovers from his previous album “Some Rap Songs.”

Leftovers or not, the EP maintains many of the qualities that made “Some Rap Songs” the brilliant album that it is. The two albums have the same brand of strange, messy and specialized instrumentation.

The beats are filled with strange sound effects and chopped and screwed samples, some with unconventional time signatures. The music wasn’t made to tap your feet to; it was made to make you think.

This philosophy carries over into the lyrics. Many of Earl’s lyrics discuss the death of family members, loosening bonds with other family members, alcoholism and more personal topics. Since his first release, his lyrics have been injected with brutal honesty and this release is no different.

His flow compliments the lyrics and beats incredibly well, seeming to flow over the top of them rather than fitting neatly into them. His use of wordplay and internal rhymes is masterful, and he continues to solidify himself as one of the most talented lyricists out there. 

While it’s another brilliant release from Earl Sweatshirt, “Feet Of Clay” doesn’t really bring anything new to the table. For fans of Earl Sweatshirt or experimental music in general, this EP is a great listen. It’s dense, challenging and just as artistic as its predecessor.