Love is Blind: SDSU students take leap toward love


Haley Halvorson

Haley Halvorson, Lifestyles Editor

Armaan Deepak a junior aviation major decided to go on a blind date for the first time last week with Sydney Charlton, sophomore early childhood education major. They went on the date to Craft Italian American Fusion and answered some questions before and after the date.

Before the date…

How would you describe yourself to someone new?

Sydney: Outgoing, bold and bubbly.

Armaan: Open-minded and reserved but when you get to know me I open up.

What do you do in your free time?

S: I don’t have much free time, I have three jobs on top of school and twirling for SDSU and practicing. I definitely say just relaxing, catching up on homework and hanging out with friends.

A: There is nothing to do here but I’m still getting used to the Midwest. I like to travel and learning new languages. I like watching YouTube videos where I can learn things, like infographic shows.

Why did you decide to go on a blind date?

S: I just came out of a long-term relationship about a month ago and so it was just kind of a ‘why not’ and it’s a way to dip my toe back into the dating pool.

A: My friend gave my number for it, so I kind of just went with it and I’ve never been on a blind date before. Just a new experience since I haven’t done it before

Are you nervous, if so why?

S: Yes, I’m a little picky so that’s the most nerve-racking thing.

A: I’m a little nervous, not like too nervous.

What qualities do you look for in a relationship?

S: Someone to laugh with and have a good time and make memories. Someone who wants to travel, I love to travel and do crazy thing. Someone who can make decisions.

A: I’ve never been in a relationship before. Someone that is like funny, actually someone that is witty, open-minded and someone that knows how to keep a conversation going and is spontaneous.

Describe how you are feeling right now about the date in one word?

S: Nervous

A: Excited

What is your biggest pet peeve?

S: People who say “um” a lot.

A: Being close-minded or chewing with your mouth open.

Describe your perfect date?

S: Probably just dinner and a movie, I’m pretty relaxed.

A: Going to dinner, and I grew up in a beach town, so go to dinner and walk on the beach afterward.

After the date…

What was your first impression?

S: We had quite a bit in common as we were both from California.

A: When she said she was from L.A. I was totally shocked, so that was pretty nuts.

How did the date go and why?

S: It was fun and nice to connect with someone from home that was having similar experiences to me and gave me the comfort of being home.

A: It was O.K. She talked most of the time.

Would you go on a second date and why?

S: No, although we did have stuff in common, we did have different views. I would rather be friends.

A: I probably wouldn’t, she kind of just talked about herself and asked me like one question.

What did you have to eat, how was the food and atmosphere?

S: I had the shrimp scampi, the food was great and the atmosphere was very nice and relaxing.

A: It’s a good ambiance, nice lighting and mood is set. There was no distraction so it was a good place to have it. I had the black and white alfredo which was good.

Describe how you are feeling right now about the date in one word?

S: Comfortable

A: Good

What was your favorite quality about the other person?

S: His personality, he just reminded me of home.

A: She seemed really outgoing, and said she doesn’t pick and choose her friends she’s kind of friends with everyone which shows she’s open-minded.

If you could change anything about the date what would it be and why?

S: Nothing

A: The conversation, it being more two-sided.

What is a piece of advice you want people to know if they are thinking about going on a blind date?

S: Although it is scary, you never know who you will meet and what it will turn into, a friendship or a relationship.

A: I think they should definitely do it. It’s a new experience and I think people should try new things. Bottom line if a relationship didn’t come out of it a friendship might, you just never know.