Celebrate Valentine’s by treating yourself this year

Kyrin Wahlmeier

If you don’t have plans for Valentine’s Day this year, you could catch a movie with friends, try out a bath bomb or eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and watch chick flicks.

These ideas tie into “Galentine’s Day” and or “Treat Yo’ Self” day that is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day, when you don’t have a significant other, or when you just need time for yourself.

“Galentine’s Day” and “Treat Yo’ Self” day originated as holidays created by characters on the show “Parks and Recreation” on NBC.

These fictional holidays evolved into a societal tradition today because of women embracing the idea of celebrating their female friendships.

Galentine’s Day falls on Feb. 13, and is described as a day where “ladies celebrate ladies” with a Galentine’s Day breakfast and small gift exchange.

“I’m having a Galentine’s Day in Sioux Falls this Saturday,” said Margarethe Tinglund, a sophomore sociology major.

Tinglund is going to Color Me Mine, the mall and out to eat with her friends for the holiday.

Some people would prefer for Valentine’s Day to be treated as a normal day or disregarded all together.

“I’d probably talk to some of my other friends who don’t have girlfriends, and maybe hangout such as go to a movie or bowling with them,” said Noah Huber, sophomore advertising major.

Spending time with your friends or alone, buying your favorite meal, having a slumber party or sitting at home are all ways to treat yourself.

Hailey Kline, junior journalism major, said she treats herself on Valentine’s Day by taking a bath with a bath bomb, using a face mask and watching YouTube videos.

Valentine’s Day is not just for the people in romantic relationships. It’s a day to appreciate the people you love in all the relationships you have — and yourself.

Show your family, friends and anyone else you care about how much you love and appreciate them.

Whether you are going to sit on the couch watching chick flicks while eating ice cream, or using a face mask with friends make sure you make the best out of your Valentine’s Day.