Acoustic guitarist to jam at Jack’s Place

Kara Christensen

Kara Christensen

Acoustic guitar and a coffee shop atmosphere have both grown in popularity over recent years. The two will be combined Wednesday when singer/songwriter and acoustic guitarist Justin Roth takes the stage at Jacks’ Place.

“His sound is really kind of mellow and relaxed,” said UPC Showcase Coordinator Ben Solomon.

Although guitar playing is not unusual, Roth’s method is unique. He uses harmonics and an alternately tuned guitar. His sound is easy to listen to, Solomon said.

“You can listen to a song once and understand what he means.”

Solomon first heard of Roth from last year’s showcase coordinator, and he said he liked Roth’s CD.

“I think he’s a pretty talented guitarist,” he said. “My favorite song of his is a guitar solo.”

Roth graduated from the University of Minnesota at Duluth with a degree in Performing Arts Management with a minor in music. He performs around 120 times a year, mainly in the Midwest. He’s played at colleagues in Minnesota, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Montana, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin.

Though he’s produced two albums, 1997s “Up Until Now,” and 2000’s “In Between,” Solomon expects most of Wednesday’s songs will be from the latter.

He said students would enjoy the concert because the music is relaxing, different that what they might normally hear, and the performer is from our general area.

“In his music he talks about things that people can relate to,” he said. “It’s just something that people would enjoy.”

The performance is free and begins at 8 p.m.