Consistent routine vital to stress management

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

With finals week approaching, some students are finding themselves unprepared for the grade-making or grade-breaking exams. Early studying and reviewing for finals is suggested by teachers and students.

“A review process is critical. You can’t just wait until that week [before finals] and assume you will do well,” Academic Development Specialist Mark Binkley said.

However, for students who haven’t been reviewing materials throughout the semester, Binkley has a few tips for a “cramming survival approach.” He recommends students look at their schedule for finals week and for the week before finals. Then select blocks of time that fit into their schedules to study for specific tests.

Binkley stressed that students need to maintain good health throughout the week.

“Schedule sleep. Stay healthy. Get to the gym. Don’t skip meals. Keep a consistent routine so you don’t get stressed out,” Binkley said.

Binkley recommends finding a quiet place to study?away from the distractions of the dorm hall.

“There’s a lot of social activity as exams are coming. It’s the holidays. People want to be with their friends,” Binkley said.

Binkley summed up his survival approach by saying, “Maintain your health and organize your time.”

Some students are already planning and preparing for finals.

“I try to prioritize my classes and focus on the ones that are really important or where my grade matters the most for admittance into the professional program for pharmacy. I’ve started studying for some already,” freshman Jessica Johns said.

However, some students are not planning to do any studying until finals week.

“I’ll probably study the day before, maybe 11:30 at night, and hope I do well,” junior Lincoln Hansen said.

A majority of students expect the week to be stressful.

“I’m going to try to prepare for finals by studying a week before to reduce stress levels,” freshman Lindsay Laufmann said.

She added, “Dorm life won’t be as friendly as usual [during finals week].”

Freshman Jason McDougall also foresees a “nerve-racking week.”

He recommends studying a little bit each night rather than pulling an all-nighter. However, he has advice for procrastinators.

“If you procrastinate, I think studying is more important than sleeping because you can always take a nap between classes,” McDougall said.

While some students stress out over the exams, others are not as concerned.

“I’m graduating this semester. So just knowing that these are my last tests, I’m not going to stress out over them,” senior John Griesenbrock said.

“The tests will complete themselves.”