Humane Society organizes fundraiser to benefit halls

Nicole Frutiger

Nicole Frutiger

The Brookings Regional Humane Society organized a fundraiser for the SDSU Residence Halls to help build their new facility called “Heart Haven Facility.”

This special event, ‘Penny Wars’, awarded a DVD player for the hall raising the most pennies and a plaque to every hall raising over $100. Hansen Hall came out on top, the only hall raising over $100 and also won the DVD player

Pet Therapy

The Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital in Brookings does not only improve the lives of animals but people as well.

Each week, staff from the animal hospital pay a visit to Prairie Crossings Assisted Living Center and Green Leaf Assisted Living Center. Accompanying the personnel from the animal hospital are dogs, eager to see their friends.

Two of the dogs are registered therapy dogs, trained to keep people company as well as temperament tested to ensure good behavior.

All the dogs are personal pets with a very special occupation. Other dogs are currently in training to become sought therapy dogs.

The dogs are popular at Prairie Crossings. “Some of the residents plan their schedules around our visitation time,” said Jenny Martins who takes the dogs to visit. The residents like to snuggle, pet and hold the patient dogs, and their presence helps brighten the day for the residents.

One of the dogs, Jessie, is a particular favorite. She knows several tricks to entertain the residents. She has been adopted from the Brookings Regional Humane Society in January 2000 after being with four previous families.

“She is very well suited for therapy because of her outstanding temperament,” said Martin, who adopted the Australian Shepherd.

The crew from the hospital has been invited to birthday parties from some of the residents.