Student hit on Medary

Hillary Dobbs

Hillary Dobbs

An SDSU student was knocked out of her shoes when she was struck by a vehicle driven by another SDSU student, according to UPD officials. The incident, which occurred last December, is the third such accident on SDSU’s campus in the last two years.

Sarah VanWesten, a fourth year English major, was struck on Medary Avenue by a southbound vehicle as she was walking back to her room in Wecota Annex on the morning of December 19.

VanWesten said she doesn’t remember much of what happened. “I was crossing the street, and the next thing I knew, I woke up in the ambulance,” she said.

VanWesten sustained a concussion, a bruised lung and other bruises. She also received seven stitches in her head and had to stay over night for observation at the Brookings Hospital.

UPD officials declined to reveal the identity of the male driver but said that he probably was not paying attention when he struck VanWesten.