Capers expected to be One Wild Night

John Hult

John Hult

Students attending Alpha Psi Omega’s annual Capers variety show this week can certainly expect “One Wild Night.”

That’s the theme of SDSU’s only student written, produced and directed theater production this year.

According to Barrett Evans, senior communication studies & theater major, co-director of the show and Alpha Psi Omega President, the show will have a looser feel than in previous years.

“This year we chose a format that wasn’t quite so structured. We took a very general theme, so we’ll see a lot more variety, and we’ll be singing a lot more modern songs,” he said.

Although members of the theater fraternity Alpha Psi Omega are required to take part in the show, senior member and five-year Capers veteran Dustin Dorris said that the requirement doesn’t play a big role in the decision to become involved.

“Its my third year in APO, so by obligation I keep coming back. But I don’t think there is anyone in APO who doesn’t want to do it,” Dorris said.

The process of writing and directing also affords theater students some job experience.

“A lot of people out in Hollywood and New York don’t just want to act, they want to be part of the creative production staff. This is our opportunity to practice in that area,” Dorris said.

Capers is in no way limited to theater majors, however. Nearly 140 students from nearly every major are involved in the production in some form.

Junior Human Development major Erin Hardie explains,

“I’ve watched it every year, and last year I didn’t get to try out, so this year, I was really pumped,” she said.

In fact, with so many students participating, knowing someone in the cast has become big part of the show’s appeal.

Junior Broadcast journalism major Jon Mann explained his reasons for planning to attend as follows:

“I didn’t go to Capers last year, but this year I’m expecting to see a lot of people that I know singing, dancing and making fools of themselves.”

Capers 2002 will take place in the Doner Auditorium January 23 through 26 at 8 p.m., with one matinee on Saturday at 2 p.m. Tickets go on sale the 21st.