TRIO Support Services helps students succeed in college, real world

Nichole Griffith

Nichole Griffith

“TRIO Student Services helps students learn how to go to college successfully,” said Bonnie Alberts, retention officer with Student Support Services.

Alberts said that currently 150 SDSU students are enrolled in the program which provides personal and academic advising, as well as serving as an advocate for the student.

“Our main goal is to work with faculty and faculty advisors to help the students get to where they need to be in college,” Alberts said.

Another main focus of TRIO is to keep students in college who might not finish school otherwise.

“We want to show others what students are capable of achieving along with supporting and encouraging them,” Alberts said.

Many of the situations that TRIO currently helps students with are practical matters, such as tutoring, time management, child care and transportation.

This is TRIO’s first year at SDSU and they have seen a strong response to their services. The program is only funded to assist 150 students, but over 1,000 freshmen in 2001 applied for the program.

Alberts also said that TRIO has been the beneficiary of seepage, that is current students are telling their roommates and friends about the benefits of the program and what they have done.

Students are also referred to TRIO by faculty members.

“One component that can only help is that of students teaching students,” Alberts said. She also added that on average, most students are involved with TRIO for three semesters.

Perhaps the most important thing for students about TRIO is to know that they have an advocate when it comes to dealing the “systems”.

“It’s important for students to make sense out of this college experience,” Alberts said.

For more information about TRIO. call 688-6653.