DJ of the Week

John Hult

John Hult

This week’s DJ Profile is Heath Isaacson. His radio show can be heard on KSDJ Monday mornings from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Q: What is your name, age, year in school and major? A: Heath Isaacson, 21, Communication Studies Major with a Criminal Justice Minor

Q: What is the name of your show?A: I guess I never put any thought into it. I like the sound of “Monday Morning’s Mixed Bag of Sh*t.”

Q: If there is a specific name, why is it named as such? A: It perfectly describes my show.

Q: What can listeners expect from your show? A: Madness. I jump from one type of music to the next. I have something for everybody.

Q: What is in your CD player right now? A: Dave Matthews Band “Lilly White Sessions,” Metallica “… And Justice For All” and a mixed CD of Rap f. Snoop, Outkast, etc…

Q: Who would win in a fight, Busta Rhymes or DMX? A: Busta … he’s got the Flipp Mode Squad

Q: If you ever had the urge to spray paint the name of a band on your high school math teacher’s car, what band would it be? A: METALLICA

Q: What CD would be in his car? A: He’s so damn deaf he probably couldn’t hear what it was anyway.

Q: What is the best music for a New Year’s Eve party? A: Anything upbeat for people to dance to, best song however, R. Kelly’s “Home Alone.”

Q: What song or band can kill the vibe at any party in three seconds flat? A: Any slow song that you can’t dance too, like Enya or Kenny G … crap like that.

Q: If hell had a soundtrack, who would be on it? A: Marilyn Manson, NIN … those two bands or the most hardcore and messed in the head.

Q: If a woman breaks your heart, what album do you smash stuff to? A: Mystikal…something about his voice rings out ass-kickin.’

Q: If you wouldn’t smash stuff, what album would you weep or be depressed to? A: Dave Matthews Band or Hootie and the Blowfish

Q: What is the best movie soundtrack and why? A: Orange County … I played it on my show a couple of weeks ago … it’s just great music.

Q: What is the safest date music? A: Safest date music would be no music. It’s just something that can take your attention away from your date … communication is key on a date.

Q: Why do you rock harder than anyone else on KSDJ? A: I’m a hockey player … enough said. Last year we took 2nd in Nationals and didn’t get sh*t for respect from this school. I’m outspoken about everything, and I don’t back down … if someone wants a straight answer, they get it from me.

Q: If everybody really got along for one day, what song would be played most often? A: “Sweetest Thing” by U2.

Q: If your parents knew what you did last night, how ashamed would they be? A: They know what I did last night, my mom and dad took me bar hopping last night … I still think they were ashamed however … it was a good night.