Miller thanks, encourages Student Association at first meeting

Toby Uecker

Toby Uecker

With an exciting start to the 2002-2003 school year, the Student’s Association should congratulate themselves as well as push for further success, SDSU President Peggy Gordon Miller told the group at their first meeting Monday.

“It is a strong Senate, it’s a powerful leadership and I’m excited,” she said.

“You’ve got important business to do this year.”

As examples of the success the SA has helped create at the university, Miller cited two big votes of confidence provided by students and alumni.

The first sign of good work, she said, is the increased enrollment SDSU is seeing this fall.

“Enrollment is a sign that what we’re doing is valued,” she told the student leaders.

While unable to give out official numbers, Miller was able to tell senators that the enrollment would be a record for SDSU.

An additional vote of confidence comes in the massive gifts of SDSU alumni over the course of the past months.

“People don’t give you money if they don’t think you’re worth having it,” she said.

With the completion of the addition to Crothers Engineering Hall and the work currently underway on Solberg Hall, she said, more hard work will be seen paying off.

Looking to the future, Miller told senators that, with talk of union expansion and the proposed wellness center on the agenda at the October Board of Regents meeting to be hosted in Brookings, their decisions will affect SDSU students for years to come.

“You’re going to have the chance to impact and decide the quality of student life for generations to come,” she said.

If senators have a vision for what they want to see on the campus, she said, the administration and the Board of Regents have a strong history of working to give the students what they want.

Summing up her hopes for working similarly with the Student Association in the future, Miller said, “It seems to me that we are on the brink of an incredibly amazing year.”