Loving it live

Jesse Christen

Jesse Christen

It has often been said that there is “nothin’ to do in South Dakota.”

With a club focusing exclusively on live music in Brookings and the biggest city in the state only 50 miles south of Brookings, however, the problem is not one that should touch SDSU students this year.

While going to a bar to talk or hang out works for some, many people feel that live music is the real deal when it comes to a night out.

The Brookings bar that fits the bill for music fans is the Jackalope Lounge.

Located a half-block west of 3rd and Main at 311 3rd St., the Jackalope provides a space for touring acts as well as local talent.

Jackalope owner, Max Fjelstadt, is in the business for the right reason: he loves music. Early in life, his parents sparked an interest in music that continues to this day.