State’s past put in hard cover

Tracy Wieneke

Tracy Wieneke

“Too many stories are being lost as we lose alumni,” said SDSU Alumni Association Director V.J. Smith.

Smith researched the history of SDSU for a book, “The College on the Hill,” which is being written by free-lance writer Amy Dunkle.

The title comes from the early years of SDSU when anyone would go to downtown Brook-ings, look up and see the campus of SDSU as large buildings on a hill.

Smith said that Dunkle, former editor of the Brookings Register, has interviewed alumni and friends to get a closer look at how former students felt when they first stepped onto the campus of SDSU.

The book of college stories will have about 300 pages and deal with many of the changing aspects of campus.

The pages will contain stories from former students, and not just dates like other history books.

“A book hasn’t been written since 1975,” about the university’ history, said Smith.

Smith performed most of his research at the Briggs Library.

“All the staff at the library was great help for my research,” he said.

The book, which will be completed late next year, is full of anecdotes to supplement the historical facts.

“It’s for everyone out there that loves history,” Smith said.

“It doesn’t have to be someone that came here or might come to SDSU. This will just be a great book of history,” he said.

Smith graduated in 1978 from South Dakota State University with degrees in history and political science.

Dunkle now writes articles for the South Dakota Magazine and various newspapers.