SA discusses year’s first resolutions


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

The switch to a plus-minus grading system was shot down by the Students’ Association during their meeting on Monday night.

The Board of Regents will decide this month if all state universities should switch to a letter system which adds a plus or minus differential. This means the process teachers use to assign a grade would have to be modified.

“The concept of a credit will change,” said Carol Peterson, vice president of Academic Affairs.

Results from a faculty poll were split over whether to change sytems. The number of “yes” votes surprised Peterson.

“There are some faculty who think this would be more precise and accurate, Peterson said.

Also the institutions using this system are usually the private, selective and highly competive, she said.

“Definitely in some stituations the plus and minus has its advantages for those going to graduate and proffessional schools.” Peterson said.

Faculty inconsistency would be the greatest problem with the system, she explained. Some professors would use the system and others would choose not to, since each faculty member develops an individual grading system.

The plus and minus scale would also be difficult to enforce and regulate.

“We can advocate strongly that they would use it, but I can’t police [everyone],” Peterson said.

In other business, the SA also voted to support a move to phase II of the proposed University Student Union expansion.

The most needed expansion is in The Market, the main food service area of the union, Scott Kindness, student union expansion architect, said.

The serving area and the seating facility area are overcrowded and will be enlarged.

A multi-use banquet room will also be added near the kitchen, for possible use as a night club or for a formal dinner facility, Kindness said.

Builders would also need to create a main entrance, he said.

Senators also passed a resolution favoring the move from Division II to Division I in the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Another resolution passed to strongly urge SDSU administration and the Dean of the Physical Plant to improve accessibility for physically disabled students.