Local lore says ghosts exist

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Ghost stories are a staple of the Halloween season. Scary movies abound in this season of horror.

People like to be scared. Luckily, there are many places here in the state of South Dakota where people can go to try to be scared, because according to local lore, they are haunted.

Tyndall-Legend has it that the old Security State Bank building is haunted.

Many tragic events have happened in the building, which include an alleged suicide of one of the bank’s presidents. Conspiracy theorists in the town say that he was murdered because the he cause financial trouble for the bank. People also died in the building when it was used as a doctor’s office.

Many who have felt the ghost’s presence believe it to be the spirit of the man who died in the bank’s vault, the supposed victim of a suicide.

People say that a chill can be felt in the building on the warmest days and that late at night the ghost can be heard passing back and forth in building and knocking things around.

Deadwood-A hot spot for paranormal activity, Deadwood has several haunted places.

Ghosts from ages past can be found at the Green Door Brothel in Deadwood.

Some claim to still hear the laughter of men and women in the rooms of the building. They think the girls who worked there have come back to hang out in the afterlife.

The Bullock Hotel, which is now a hotel and casino, is said to be haunted by its former owner, Seth Bullock.

Mount Mariah Cemetery, the final resting place for such legends as Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane, is said to be haunted as well.

Mitchell-Some people claim that a student who jumped to his death to escape a fire at Graham Hall on the campus of Dakota Wesleyan University still haunts his former residence hall.

Sioux Falls-The Sioux Falls Community Playhouse is said to be haunted by a former janitor namedLarry who hung himself from the rafters. It is said he turns on faucets, flushes toilets and wanders around the building.

The Actor’s Studio is said to be haunted by a man who was killed by the husband of the woman he was dancing with. The ghost wanders around the studio whistling “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”

Pine Ridge-It is said that a boy who died of a heart attack in the Pine Ridge High School now haunts the building.

Mission-An American Indian woman and her children who were slain by pioneers as they fled for their lives are said to haunt a one-mile stretch of gravel road outside of Mission known as Rock Hill. Witnesses claim to hear screaming and shouts of warning.

Hill City-A poltergeist that throws silverware is said to haunt O’Brian’s Tavern.

Gregory-Ghosts and orbs of light have been seen wandering the town cemetery, scaring visitors away.

Ellsworth Air Force Base-The spirit of a helicopter pilot is said to be seen and heard in a missile silo located near where his helicopter crashed in the 1980s.

Rapid City-A storage closet at Stevens High School is said to be haunted by a ghost affectionately nicknamed “Sparky.”

The Alex Johnson Hotel is said to be haunted by its former owner who jumped to her death in the 1930s. Former employees have reported poltergeist activity, that is, having objects thrown at them.

The heater room in Dakota Junior High is said to be haunted by a football coach and team who died in a plane crash.

Hot Springs-A little girl named Giselle is said to haunt the Villa Theresa Guest House. Guests also claim to smell perfume in the upstairs rooms.

Belle Fouche-A janitor that fell to his death while fixing a light bulb in the gym is said to haunt Belle Fouche High School. It is said that the light he was fixing still flickers.

Custer-The Black Hills Playhouse is said to be haunted by a little girl who stayed there before it became a theater. People claim that the ghost will lay out costumes.

There are many more haunted places in South Dakota too numerous to mention here. These are just a few of the places.