Hobo mission accomplished


Charlie Maricle

With more parade entries this year and a solid week of activities, Operation: Hobo Day 2002 was a success, Abby Bischoff, Grand Pooba, said Monday.

Waneta won the Spirit Point competition for residence halls while and Farmhouse won the Spirit Point competition for student organizations.

For their efforts, each now claims one of the coveted Traveling Trophies.

“It’s really exciting for us to get this,” Kristi Thompson, Waneta Hall’s director, said.

To win the trophies, the teams racked up points throughout Hobo Week.

“It’s tradition with Hobo Days, and the spirit has been around for a long time,” Neil Belshan, social chairman for Farmhouse, said of their participation.

Spirit points are earned from competitions held during the week, from a hairy leg contest to darts and pool tournaments.

“I thought it went well, some people got into it. Farmhouse and Delta Chi were neck and neck there for a while,” Bischoff said.

The events provide more than a chance for competition, Thompson said.

“It’s a great opportunity for freshman to meet people and do something fun together,” she said.

The Hobo Day Committee posted scores on the windows of the University Student Union Breezeway throughout last week.

Bischoff said posting the scores gave others the chance to tease teams who weren’t doing as well.

“We’d make them feel bad and make fun of them. We’d be like ‘You have no points. Start competing,'” Bischoff said.

With that kind of tough love, spirit week participation this year equaled last year’s.

Parade entries, however, were up. Bischoff said participation from a slew of political candidates bolstered the total of 136 entries.

Thirteen groups competed in the spirit competition, including all six halls and seven student organizations.

With the end of the festivities, hobos and hoboettes have gone back to their trains and alleys.

Those who only pretend to be hobos must return to work and school.

While some left the week with something to show, others can only sober up and plan for next year.

#1.887949:2795243314.jpg:parade.jpg:From students to babies, parade watchers lined Medary Avenue last Saturday morning to enjoy the Hobo Day 2002 parade which had 136 entries. :Jon Mann