St. Cloud Club drops hockey team twice

Michael Gill

Michael Gill

In what could be called a learning experience at best, the Jacks had two hard lessons this weekend by way of the St. Cloud State University Club squad, as SCSU defeated the Jackrabbit hockey club 7-2 on Friday and 9-0 on Saturday.

“I can’t remember how long its been since we have lost like that,” Jacks coach Marty Schipull said. “Fortunately no one got hurt.”

The weekend series must have seemed like it would never end for the Jacks, as the SCSU club drew from their larger talent pool to outshoot the Jacks 102-33 in the two games.

During Friday’s game, the Jacks were outshot by SCSU 55-24, but were able to keep the final score at 7-2.

Despite learning early that SCSU was “a very good team” the Jacks held SCSU to only one goal after allowing 24 shots on goalie Heath Isaacson.

The Jacks did not control the number of shots on goal, but did limit the percentage of good scoring chances.

Going into the second period the Jacks continued their solid play until some un-wise decisions on the ice put the Jacks into a 3 on 5 penalty kill.

SCSU wasted no time in taking advantage of the Jacks poor play and lit up the lamps twice in an eight second stretch.

Another disadvantage faced by the Jacks was the excellent play of SCSU right-winger Imuls Dolgins, who had already netted a hat trick by the end of the second period.

The Jacks got their head back in the game despite facing a 6-0 deficit after SCSU center Kyle Honsey scored a goal early in the 3rd period. After that the Jacks brought themselves back in the game with goals by Bill Schnieder assisted by Wes Dugstad, and an un-assisted goal by left-winger Ryan Taylor with 2:46 left in the game.

That is all the Jacks could bring, before allowing another SCSU goal with 1:18 remaining, making the final score 7-2.

During Saturday’s game the Jacks were outshot 47-9. It was the first shutout that Schipull could remember in a while.

The Jacks found themselves down 5-0 after the first period.

The second period proved little better as the Jacks struggled with penalties and found the game out of reach, 8-0 by the end.

After failing the 1st and 2nd periods the Jacks played the last 12 minutes of the game solidly.

Because of Saturday’s strong finish, Schipull thinks that the upcoming home games this weekend will be exciting.

“It (last weekend) reminds them that they are not the best players on the planet….so it was a wake-up call for them. It’s my expectation that we will be playing better,” Schipull said.

This weekend will start the first in a string of home games for Jackrabbit hockey, all being played in the new Larson Ice Center, near the Brookings Multiplex. Coming to Brookings will be Dordt College, a team that has recently started to become quite the rival.

“I have fun playing them. On paper we may be better than them but the score is always close, there is always a fiesty game. It’s one hell of a rivalry,” Schipull said.

With the hard lessons learned and pride to restore, the upcoming home series has the makings of perfect Jackrabbit hockey to warm up the Larson Ice Center. The Jacks will be taking to the ice Friday, Nov. 8, at 8 p.m. and Saturday’s game will be at 6 p.m.