Irony is alive and well in the world

Dr. Brady Phelps

Dr. Brady Phelps

We live in ironic times. When self-described “scumbag” Larry Flynt was accused of peddling obscene materials some years ago, he published some “unpublishable” photographs of wounded and the dead from Vietnam.

He asked “Which is more obscene, a 21 year old nude woman with her legs spread or a 21 year old nude man without an eye or either leg?”

During Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings, some parents complained that they shouldn’t have to ask their children to leave the room when the nightly national news was on.

But now we have a man who was “legally elected” to restore “dignity” to the office of the President who is bound and determined to sacrifice another generation’s young men and women to settle a family grudge.

Will the same parents ask their children to watch the newscasts of this upcoming obscenity in the name of restoring dignity? We have a President who wants to rid the world of an Iraqi nuclear menace and he can’t even pronounce the word “nuclear.” Presidents who pronounce the word “nuclear” as “nucular” don’t exactly bestow dignity on the office.

Ironically, we have a “Pro-Life” President who will not provide funds to any United Nations programs that could possibly have anything to do with reproductive health of women (That could mean ABORTION!) and he is bound and determined to see more Iraqi children die as a result of his orders.

By the way, a fetus is not a person and how does that horror compare to an unwanted child who is treated like a dog? Where are the Pro-Life protesters when an actual child is being made to suffer inhuman pain?

Ronald Reagan was elected because Billy Carter was perceived as weak and ineffectual. It was ironic how such a weak and ineffectual president had such a low body count on his watch.

George W. Bush was elected because Al Gore was perceived as weak and ineffectual. One really has to wonder what the body count will be with this strong and effective leader; after all, D.C. has plenty of room for more war memorials.

Face it, Iraq is a threat to Kuwait and Israel but poses absolutely no threat to the United States. But, but, Iraq is a destabilizing force and sponsors if not commits acts of state terrorism…! We must do something about Iraq!

But, but, Israel is also a destabilizing force and also commits acts of state terrorism…! But we must not call what Israel does to the Palestinians “terrorism” and we must wink while they do it? After all, its part of the war on terrorism.

During the first Bush administration, the “joke” was “Pray for George” because Vice President Dan Quayle was too big of a moron to be trusted as President. (Tomato really is a tough word to spell, ya’ know!)

With this Bush administration, are we to “Pray for Dick’s heart” as “Dubya” is too big of a moron to be trusted as President? The Canadians did say it first so don’t get mad at me.

On the other hand, maybe we should just “Pray for Colin” because he really has seen the obscenity of war inflicted upon young men and women … and children.

Dr. Brady Phelps is a professor of psychology. Write to him at [email protected].