SA wants input on proposed amendments

Jared Clark

Jared Clark

The Student Association By-Laws Committee presented three amendments for first reading by the Senate at their regular Monday meeting January 20.

As required for adoption, SA by-law amendments must provided two readings before adoption to allow for constituent feedback and concern. First reading for these three amendments was made Monday evening. Students with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the Student Association office (USU 101). Student comments are welcome and encouraged.

An amendment dealing with campaign expense reimbursement was proposed.

Current policy provides for reimbursement of 85 percent of SA campaign expenses, up to 100 dollars. The amendment would eliminate the reimbursement.

The second proposed amendment added a clause requiring an election to fill a Presidential and Vice Presidential vacancy within two weeks of the vacancy.

The final proposed amendment provides unbiased leadership for SA presidential impeachment hearings. The current law states that the president shall preside. The amendment empowers the Vice President as presiding officer in these situations.