Libby looks at relationship woes of college students

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

Dear Libby –

I lived in a small town all of my life and for three years, I have been dating a boy who was my childhood best friend. We promised each other that we would be together forever, but he is a year younger than me.

Now, I have met some really fun college guys and I kind of want to explore my options.

When I go home, he is sweet, but he seems young.

How can I let him down without hurting him? Or how can I keep my options open and still be with him?–Wanting to Explore

Dear Wanting —

College, as you are finding out, is a very different place from the small town you grew up in.

When I left my hometown three years ago to come to college, I had some very close friends, and I was sure that we would be “best friends forever.”

That was not the case and within a few months most of us were not even communicating via e-mail anymore.

Some people stop communicating with their high school friends once the diploma is in their hand.

Do not let that fact bum you out, though, Wanting, because even though I may not be as close with those friends anymore, I have made a multitude of new, different, wonderful friends here at college.

Not only that, but there are a few of my childhood friends that I am still very close to.

It is just that coming from a small town like so many of us do, we become friends with people as children because, well, we have to.