Gifts galore

Lindsay Bland

Lindsay Bland

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and many women will be hoping for something sparkly from their sweetheart.

Three-diamond jewelry is what most people are searching for this year, Karen Rzepecki of Johnson’s Jewelry said.

Anything with three diamonds — rings, earrings, pendants – if it has three diamonds, it’s hot this year. Pendants with diamonds in ladder shapes are big sellers, but the biggest hit are the pendants with diamonds in a three-leaf clover shape.

Settings in white metal are what people are looking for.

“We have a lot of people looking for things in 14 carat white gold or platinum,” Rzepecki said. “Round and princess cut diamonds are really popular as well.”

Silver is also in-demand.

“Guys are buying silver chains for gifts,” Cheryl Young, also of Johnson’s, said. “They buy a lot of necklaces and bracelets.” Rzepecki said the most popular items every year are single-diamond pendants or earrings.

“We have a lot of men who buy solitaire round diamond pendants,” she said. “Black Hills gold is also a favorite.”

Guys aren’t the only ones doing the buying. Johnson’s has had some girls come in looking for Valentine’s Day presents.”Girls usually buy watches or gold chains,” Rzepecki said.

Rzepecki said she has noticed women buying more all-occasion watches and shying away from the dressy watches.

“Guys aren’t wearing suits and getting as dressed up as they used to,” she said.

Despite Valentine’s Day being only a few days away, Rzepecki said that Johnson’s won’t see a rush of jewelry-buyers until the day before Valentine’s Day, or the day itself.

“Men usually wait until the last minute,” she laughed.