Erickson is the best choice in SA election


For the first time in many years, both candidates who are running for Students’ Association president are over-qualified for the job.

There are no campaigns being waged by those who don’t have the experience necessary for the job.

There are no campaigns being waged by those who would treat the job as a big joke.

Indeed, both Eric Erickson and Ryan Feist are strong candidates with plenty of qualifications. One is tempted to say they should both be elected president.

However, when it comes right down to it, Erickson has more experience and stronger ideas. It seems as if he has been training for this job his whole life and he deserves your vote in the election being held this Wednesday and Thursday.

A vote for Feist would be a solid vote as well. Feist has worked in the SA office in several leadership roles. He is a constant presence in the office and is well-acquainted with the inner workings of both the SA presidency and the senate.

Feist and his running-mate Stephanie Arne have strong ideas and positions. Their wish to raise money to get more equipment in the residence halls (such as ice machines) is a good one, which should be taken up by whomever is elected.

However, Erickson’s experiences prove that he is the best candidate for the job.

For the past year, Erickson has worked as the administrative assistant to current president Dan Hansen and current vice-president Ben Solomon. In a way, Erickson has been a right-hand man to the Hansen/Solomon administration.

No one has been closer to these two in the political arena than Erickson has. He was one of the ones who alerted the student body to the issue of the Third “B” tax and helped rouse student opposition to it. The defeat of this tax was the crowning achievement of Hansen’s tenure and Erickson was instrumental in helping drum up student support.

Erickson’s running-mate Larson has plenty of experience as a former Residence Hall Association president and a former SA senator. He will bring his own experiences, which should combine potently with Erickson’s.

If Erickson brings the kind of enthusiasm and fervor to the job of president that he has brought to the job of administrative assistant, the SA presidency will be in extremely good hands for the next year.

Vote for Erickson for SA president and hope he is kind enough to give Feist a good job in his administration.

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