House passes SDSU building proposals


PIERRE (CNS) – Three projects proposed at South Dakota State University passed their second legislative test on Jan. 29.

The South Dakota House of Representatives passed unanimously all three bills dealing with the projects.

House Bill 1028 allows the Board of Regents to accept the donation of a swine nursery valued at $25,000 that the Department of Animal and Range Sciences will use to study swine nursery production. The university only will pay for infrastructure needed once the building is moved to campus. Funding for those improvements will come from grant money held by the department.

House Bill 1029 allows the BOR to construct two new storage buildings at SDSU at an estimated cost of $600,000. The buildings will add needed storage for several entities on campus.

House Bill 1030 allows the BOR to purchase two pieces of property near the corner of 12th Avenue and 8th Street currently held for SDSU by the State College Development Association and SDSU Foundation pending legislative approval. Both properties are on the university’s 10-year plan for defining campus boundaries, Rep. Jim Putnam, R-Armour, said.

The bills now move to the Senate for consideration.