Housing Scramble

Justin R. Lessman

Justin R. Lessman

It’s official. The race for off-campus housing has begun once again.

However, fueled by the recent announcement that Bailey Hall and Wecota Annex will be off-limits to upperclassmen next fall, the race may have tightened a bit.

“We have definitely noticed an increased demand for housing from SDSU students,” said Angie Maher, a representative of Eighth & Eighth Apartments, Medary Wood/Medary Square Apartments and Countryside Estates.

Maher said she started taking housing applications the first week of January and began noticing a larger demand for them soon after.

“In the last week it’s been really busy,” she said.

“It’s probably because juniors and seniors just found out about the new on-campus housing policy.”

Local realtors have been on the lookout since the Department of Residential Life made its announcement two weeks ago.

The changes were instituted in response to record numbers of freshmen enrolled at SDSU this past fall and another huge class expected next fall.

Paul Moriarty of Moriarty Apartment Rentals said he has noticed somewhat of an increase in demand from SDSU students.

“Yes, there might be a small increase,” he said.

“I have noticed more inquiries, anyway.”

Mary Jo Minor of Mills Property Management, which oversees Garden Village and Campus-View, said the busiest times for applications are in January and February.

“That’s when it usually gets pretty busy,” she said.

“I don’t know if it’s been any crazier around here than normal yet, but there has been a good response so far.”

Both Moriarty and Minor said they start taking applications whenever they start coming in and do not stop until all housing units are spoken for.

Moriarty said, “The best time is right now.”

The race for housing was evident at the SDSU Off-Campus Housing Fair that took place on Jan. 21.

The fair brought in various housing representatives and allowed students to meet with property owners to discuss off-campus housing.

Coordinator Megan Bentzinger said the fair was well attended, drawing more than 200 students in to look at 10 different housing groups.

Attendance was high, despite the fact that flyers for the fair, requested by the Department of Residential Life, did not reach many students until that day or later.

“We normally don’t do flyers. Usually, we just put up signs and posters.”

“But there was a last-minute communication problem and they just got out a little late,” said Bentzinger.

“It’s a yearly event, though, and people knew about it.”

“They must have because we had a very good turn-out.”

#1.887513:4172028429.jpg:apart2.jpg:The 8th & 8th Apartments at the corner of 8th Avenue and 8th Streets offer two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments for rent. Many SDSU students utilize the housing.:Wendy McBrayer