My sporting addiction


Charlie Maricle

Okay, people, I have been told that you need to know who controls your sports pages, so here it is.

Hi. That would be me.

My name is Charlie. I’m 5’11” with green eyes and brown hair.

I like sunsets, swinging, ice cream and long walks.

But most of all I like sports. I’ve resisted calling it a ‘love’ because I try to reserve that emotion for fellow humans, not a group of activities. But it’s close.

Some people call sports my addiction. They may have a point.

Look close. Have you seen me anywhere socially lately?

I think not. The reason? That crazy world of sports.

Me without sports is like Bullwinkle without Rocky, Clark Kent without the spandex.

Here are a few examples of how far my addiction goes.

I went to a friend’s house for a party, and while everyone else was socializing in the kitchen, old Chuckles was out in the living room socializing with ESPN.

There are several times when I have gone to social gatherings with my mom, and all I wanted to do was ask if the hosts had cable.

Family gatherings, while enjoyable, usually conform to television’s sports schedule.

“Okay, eat quick it’s halftime.”

“Okay, presents have to wait- there’s three minutes left.”

“Dessert? Can I eat dessert in here? WHAT? MOM- come on, it’s tied.”

During my stay at SDSU, my GPA was best when I was without cable. With limited sports access there was nothing else to do but study. Oh, the HUMANITY.

Sometimes it goes as far as watching the 11 p.m. Sportscenter then getting up to watch the 7 a.m. edition. Like something occurred during the six hours I had to sleep that I need to know.

For those days I am unable to watch sports, I read a number of different sports pages. For those days I can’t find a newspaper or get to a television, I go through withdrawals.

I don’t even look for a particular sport or figure.

In fact, I was asked the other day what my favorite sport is.

I was at a loss.

Then I began to babble like a three year-old about how I like all sports but there are certain times that different sports are better then others, and I think he fell asleep.

But that’s usually the way it is. I have yet to find someone who rivals me in sports appreciation or insanity, whichever side you look from.

But for the casual observer, sports are about a favorite team or athlete. For me sports are the beauty that is competition. I cheer for a good game, no matter who wins or does better.

Sports should never be about favorites. It must always be about the game. Great games make legends. Average games where a certain team wins are just that: average games.

I feel for those who base their life on what a team does. It leaves them vulnerable, open to failure. Vulnerability is the cardinal sin of sports. It is what coaches prepare against, it is what players practice against.

Sports are bigger than teams and individuals.

Sports are for the fans.

Sports are for people like me. People who search for greatness and obtain it through others.

Sports is an addiction- that’s the only thing it can be.

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