Z’Kota takes alcohol off menu


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

The Z’Kota Grille, formerly known as Hardees’, is no longer serving alcohol. As of the first week in January, all alcoholic beverages were taken off of the Z’Kota menu. Lack of demand was a key issue. “People were coming for our food,” said Norm Hillberg, Z’kota Grille manager.

The restaurant is not lacking in the beverage section because of the change. Among the soda, Z’kota Grille also serves coffee from freshly ground beans, as well as hard-serve ice cream malts and shakes.

Even though the restaurant briefly held a malt liquor license, the establishment never changed its no-smoking policy. And though Hobo Dough was discontinued during the brief time Z’Kota Grille held a liquor license, it has now been re-established according to strict SDSU guidelines.