Women’s artists connect at She II

Michelle Herrick

Michelle Herrick

From visual art to theatre, the Jackalope Lounge will host an event showcasing regional female artists on Saturday March 29 at 7 pm.

She II will feature a diverse selection of artistic talents with music from singer/songwriter Kristi Hollar, poetry read by Ashley Wakeman and a group of women who will perform selections from the Vagina Monologues.

“It is funky and interesting and nothing like you would expect,” said SDSU English Professor Mary O’Connor who went last year and will be reading poetry at this year’s event.

Perhaps an unconventional venue for a formal party, event coordinator Kate Baum said last year’s event went over beautifully-cocktail attire and all.

“The Jackalope is more versatile than perhaps people think,” said Baum, a singer/songwriter who is also one of the performers.

Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available at the Jackalope, Insty Prints, The Index and T&C in Dell Rapids.

“For years I had wanted to showcase female talent from around my community because it is so rarely done,” Baum said. “This event materialized from that desire.”

In addition to the performances, art works from SDSU students Brandi Lamster and Leigh Mueller and SDSU Fine Arts professor Jeannie French will be on display in the basement.

“I’m really glad they asked me to be a part of this because of the kind of art I do (ceramic female torsos),” said Brandi Lamster. The event is a part of Women’s History Month and part of the proceeds will go to benefit the Domestic Abuse Shelter.

“It is also an attempt to raise awareness of violence towards women,” Baum said.