SDSU Women of Distinction named


SDSU’s 2003 Women of Distinction were awarded in a ceremony in NFA room 242 today at 3 p.m.

This is the third year the awards have been given, coinciding with Women’s History Month.

Women who have achieved excellence in their vocation or avocation, advanced women’s issues or overcome adversity to reach success.

They are chosen by a committee comprised of a cross-section of faculty, including: administration, faculty, career service and student.

The 2003 candidates chosen include:

Kara Christensen (student), a Journalism and Mass Communications Major.

Jan Evans (career service), a senior secretary in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Virginia Norris (administration), professor and head of the Department of Psychology.

Diane Rickerl (faculty), professor of plant science.

The honorees were chosen after being nominated by colleagues and faculty who wrote letters of recommendation.