Operation Shoebox gathering supplies for U.S. troops

Michelle Herrick

Michelle Herrick

A campus group is spearheading a branch of the national campaign, Operation Shoebox, to gather supplies for U.S. troops.

Deb DeBates advises the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFC).

“This is a way to show support that is not difficult,” DeBates said. “And it provides the troops with a connection to home.”

Items such as batteries, lotion, chapstick and sunscreen should be taken to the dean’s office in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences by April 23.

Other needed supplies are listed at www.operationshoebox.com and on campus posters.

DeBates got the idea from seeing a story on the Today Show.

Items will be sent to national headquarters in Florida or directly mailed to family members or friends.

DeBates is gathering addresses for SDSU students who are deployed so that she can directly send them a shoebox package.

“It doesn’t matter what side you’re on,” DeBates said. “We still all want to support the troops.”

For more, call 688-6181 or visit the FCS dean’s office.