Regents employ new funding source

Toby Uecker

Toby Uecker

The South Dakota Board of Regents announced Monday its plans to raise more money for the state higher education system.

The group plans to begin by imposing what it calls a new “imaginary fee” on each credit hour taken by students of the state’s public universities.

The imaginary fee would be added onto current tuition, fees, room and board of all college students in their first two years of higher education after high school.

Regents say the plan was inspired by the efforts of surrounding states’ higher education bodies to get more money into education through tuition hikes of nearly 20 percent.

“We’re tired of hearing about tuition hikes, so we thought this would be an acceptable substitute,” said a Regents spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, the funds would be used specifically for imaginary projects on each of the public university campuses in the state.

One such project likely to come to SDSU is the addition of an imaginary parking ramp directly north of the current student union. Regents hope the ramp will alleviate parking problems caused by imaginary cars.

Students should not expect to see this new imaginary fee on their balance statements for any future semesters at SDSU.