Beer, burgers and baseball

Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy

Sitting in a room with more than 20 televisions, each set to a different channel and some of them larger than life. It’s any kids dream, right?

Now turn all of the channels to sports and its every sports fanatic’s dream come true.

This is the first thing that confronts anyone that walks into Cubby’s Sports Bar & Grill.

Cubby’s offers its customers a relaxed atmosphere where they can get a beer, eat a burger and watch a game.

The worst part of my experience at Cubby’s was long period of time before we were waited on. Luckily for us, this visit was a relatively short wait, as a waitress visited our table in less than five minutes, though someone who sat down before us was waited on first.

The place was packed when we walked in, a good sign that other people are enjoying themselves. However, if you do not like crowds, this is not the place for you.

Picking a table is the next step in the process. I prefer the booths, though they are usually full. Tables run from the front of the building, by the windows, past the bar and to the back by the bathrooms. The best tables are in the middle of the room.

Luckily the tables are cleaned after people leave so you don’t have to worry about uncleanliness, which is a plus because dirty tables suck.

So once I got a table and was waited on, I quickly got my beer and started down the sweet road to being sloshed. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the food was served quickly so I did not have a lot of time to marinate in alcohol.

For appetizers I had cheese balls (or for those of you from Minnesota, cheese curds). They were delicious and a good start to a great meal.

The best of the best at Cubby’s are their burgers. I had the mushroom and swiss burger, the best in town.

So while I was eating my cheese burger and downing my beer, I found myself looking around at all of the sports “stuff” on the wall.

There was some historic sports memorabilia in cases on the wall or hanging on the walls.

It is quite obvious that most people come to Cubby’s for the camaraderie than just to watch games on television, for if they wanted to do that, they could have stayed at home and watched the game by themselves.

Overall, Cubby’s is one of the best places to eat in town because nothing beats getting toasted and watching a game with a hundred other people in a crowded downtown bar.

5 stars