War, championship are stories of ’02-’03


When current SDSU students think back on the year that just was, they will be sure to remember the following ten events and what ensued because of them.

#10: Various businesses in Brookings open and close. K-mart closed down, but a new Applebees finally received permission to break ground and a Sears opened in the city.

#9: The Pride of the Dakotas and the SDSU concert choir take trips to California and Europe. Both musical groups were well-received in other states and other countries.

#8: KSDJ makes big changes. The campus radio station became a station that was on the air 24 hours a day and increased the quality of its production values. It also made the move to one format-rock. This format move pleased many students and angered several more, including former KSDJ staffers.

#7: The new Performing Arts Center opens. A new building that was to be used by the music and theater programs at SDSU opened after many decades of struggle. The building featured a new studio theatre, a new concert hall, many new classrooms and improved facilities.

#6: Overcrowding creates problems and opportunities. Increased enrollment crowded the residence halls and campus parking lots. Attempts to begin construction of a new residence hall failed. However, campus groups from intramurals to the Pride saw an increase in numbers of people participating.

#5: Enrollment goes up. Enrollment at SDSU fell just shy of 10,000 students for the first time with 9,952 students enrolled. Numbers were expected to increase yet again next year.

#4: State elections nearly cause turmoil. Although Bill Janklow and Mike Rounds won their races convincingly, the race between John Thune and Tim Johnson was decided by just over 500 votes, with Johnson retaining his seat in the U.S. Senate.

#3: SDSU makes decision to move to Division I. The university was given permission to move to DI if it can find a conference and the funds to do so. SDSU continues to search for a solid basis with which to make the move as it enters the summer.

#2: SDSU women’s basketball team wins national championship. Enough said.

#1: U.S. wages war in Iraq. The war was over quickly, but it created considerable tensions on a campus that was wildly divided between protesters and war supporters. In addition, over 100 SDSU students were called into the service of their country in the Middle East.

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