These are the places you will come to hang out at the most


Take it from us. We’ve been here the longest after all.

There are certain places in this town that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. There are other places you’ll probably never visit.

Yeah, someday the jail might be important to you, but the day that happens, the rest of the stuff on this list is going to stop being important.

You probably haven’t even considered the fact that Brookings has way more pizza places than grocery stores.

Well, we have.

Because we’ve been here for more years combined than most of you are old, we’ve come to understand that there are certain types of places a college student might like to frequent and other types of places he or she might not like to frequent.

So, here, we provide your own Collegian yellow pages. It’s sort of the essentials of the Brookings community.

We’ve separated the restaurants by type of food served and whether you might want to take a certain someone to that restaurant.

We’ve highlighted your Friday night entertainment options (for both the over and under-21 set). We’ve made sure to include the places where you can buy your own food for when eating out gets a little boring.

All in all, we think it’s a good deal.

Clip it out.

Hang it on your fridge.

We guarantee you’ll be calling at least one of these numbers before September is through.

And if you’re really lucky, you’ll have called more than one.

Have fun!PizzaCasey’s Carry-Out (Your basic gas station pizza) 122 6th St. W. 697-5602

Kum and Go (More gas station pizza) 1005 6th St. 692-7990

Domino’s Pizza (The best for buffalo wings, delivery specialists) 927 6th St. W. 697-6688

George’s Pizza and Steakhouse (Named best of Brookings, the only pizza place in town where you could take a date) 311 Main Ave. 692-6610

Godfather’s Pizza (Great buffet, close to SDSU) 610 Medary Ave. 692-9700

Papa John’s Pizza (Named Best of Brookings) 1833 6th St. 696-7272

Papa Murphy’s (For the chef in all of us) 1810 6th St. 697-7000

Pizza Hut (The original pizza chain) 418 6th St. 692-4330

Pizza King (Brookings’s first pizza place) 308 Main Ave. 692-4226

Pizza Ranch (The best pizza buffet) 1815 6th St. 692-3663Fast Food

Burger King (At TWO Brookings locations) 1825 6th St. 692-1333 3405 Lefevre Drive 697-6910

Kentucky Fried Chicken (Good chicken) 532 Sunrise Ridge Rd. 692-7004

McDonald’s (The good ol’ Golden Arches) 1605 6th St. 692-7200

Taco John’s (The closest restaurant to campus) 609 Medary Ave. 692-7524

Z’kota Grill (A fast casual atmosphere) 2324 6th St. 697-2800Mexican/Chinese

Guadalajara (Authentic Mexican) 1715 6th St. 692-1661

King’s Wok (Chinese buffet and take-out) 1811 6th St. 692-9373Ice Cream

Dairy Queen (Blizzards and Such) 520 22nd Ave. 692-1364

Ice Cream and Eatery (Local treats) 1827 6th St. 692-7474

SDSU Dairy Bar (The best ice cream in the world) Dairy Micro 693-3215

Zesto (The legend-your parents went here) 1461 6th St. 692-2305Sandwich Shops

Bagel Works (The best-and only-bagels in Brookings) 1827 6th St. 692-7474

Mad Jack’s (A legend in its own time) 1710 6th St. 692-2878

Subway (In TWO locations-the one on Main is groovier) 403 Main Ave. 692-1344 Village Square 692-8442Take a Date to. . .The Barrel (For good ol’ fashioned fried food) 725 Main Ave. S. 697-5602

Cafe Ruby (The best dessert-when it’s open) 1441 6th St. 692-1364

Cubby’s (Brookings’s best burgers) 307 Main Ave. 696-7978

Nick’s Hamburger Shop (A Brookings classic) 427 Main Ave. 692-4324

The Ram Pub (THE Brookings restaurant) 327 Main Ave. 692-2485

South Main Diner (Wonderfully quirky and out-of-the-way) 615 Main Ave. S. 692-5880Breakfast Time

Cook’s Kitchen (Named Best of Brookings) 304 Main Ave. 692-1303

Country Kitchen (Awesome pancakes) 2221 6th St. 692-6968

Perkins (Who doesn’t love Perkins?) 2205 6th St. 692-4400Cook for Yourself4EconoFoods (Economically priced food-stuffs) 1721 6th St. 692-2923

Hy-Vee (A helpful smile in every aisle-24 hours a day!) Brookings Mall 692-7317

Department Store Mania

WalMart (The only game in town) 2421 6th St. 692-6332Rent Videos

Blockbuster Video (The best video game selection) 1816 6th St. 697-5400

Mr. Movies (The best DVD selection) 621 6th St. 692-4488

Movie Gallery (Named Best in Brookings) 1004 6th St. 692-9323Fun Stores

ArtWorks (Good coffee, good art) 325 Main Ave. 697-5222

Brookings Book Company (Named Best in Brookings) 420 4th St. 692-2665

Brosts’ Aquarium and Hobby (THE place to geek out) 323 Main Ave. 692-7341

The Index (Trinkets and pretties) 310 Main Ave. 692-55824Sam Goody (Selling CDs, DVDs, etc.) City Plaza 692-9796

Sound Station 7 (Named Best of Brookings) 976 22nd Ave. S. 692-7719Fun on a Friday

Cinema 5 (A great little theater) City Plaza 692-4412

Prairie Lanes (All the bowling action you can handle) 722 Western Ave. 692-4435Fun for over-21s

Chevy’s Lounge (Crazy nightlife) 303 Main Ave. 692-9615

Jackalope Lounge (Great live music) 311 3rd St. 692-0990

Jim’s Tap (Brookings Best Drinks) 309 Main Ave. 692-2833

Lantern Lounge (A fine time) 303 3rd St. 692-9172

O’Hares (Classy) 327 Main Ave. 692-2485

Ray’s Corner (A down-home good time) 401 Main Ave. 692-2921

Safari Lounge (Brookings’s dance club) 427 Main Ave. 692-5424

Skinner’s Pub (Named Best of Brookings) 300 Main Ave. 692-3248Wednesday night Karaoke!

The Pavilion 2500 6th St. 697-5357