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Dear Collegian: Following is legislation I plan to reintroduce this next legislative session. Your input is welcome on this issue. Senator Frank Kloucek SDSU 1978 State of South Dakota SEVENTY-EIGHTH SESSION LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, 2003


Introduced by: Senators Kloucek and Kooistra and Representative Begalka

A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION, Urging South Dakota State University to not move to National College Athletic Association Division I.

WHEREAS, South Dakota State University has established traditional rivalries with the University of South Dakota and Augustana College and other regional universities and colleges which will be abandoned by a move to Division I; and

WHEREAS, South Dakota State University has experienced success in Division II and has several team championships and individual champions; and

WHEREAS, more South Dakota students may have an opportunity to participate in athletic activities if South Dakota State University remains in Division II; and

WHEREAS, the transportation costs to games and events for the team and fans could substantially increase along with ticket prices if South Dakota State University moves to Division I; and

WHEREAS, although South Dakota State University has taken a position that it will not request more state funds, raise student fees, or transfer other school funds, the money for operating a Division I program must come from some means, and if alumni and other contributors are unable or unwilling to sustain higher levels of funding, the demand or need to raise money for added expenses may eventually become a burden for the students or state; and

WHEREAS, there is no Division I conference into which South Dakota State University is a likely candidate or obvious fit to participate in; and

WHEREAS, there is a minimum four year reclassification period for schools moving into Division I from postseason play and the wait could be longer for basketball, possibly resulting in a diminished fan base and making it difficult to recruit players:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the Seventy-eighth Legislature of the State of South Dakota, the House of Representatives concurring therein, that the Legislature urges South Dakota State University to place the students and academic standards at a higher priority than athletic activities and remain in Division II.