Miller addresses SA on Division I, Jackrabbit Guarantee


Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

SDSU President Peggy Miller casually addressed the Students’ Association Senate during open forum Monday night.

Miller let the SA in on her recent epiphany that not all state schools approve of SDSU’s Jackrabbit Guarantee program.

The scholarship program aimed at recruitment and retention of exceptional students has siphoned some of the area’s best students away from SDSU’s competition.

“I understand they refer to it as the great sucking sound of [SDSU],” President Miller said of the Jackrabbit Guarantee. “We don’t want all their students, just the best.”

Miller was no less candid when explaining her stance on the Division I issue and recent Argus Leader coverage.

Gesturing to the back of her suit, Miller said, “Now you can still see the ax in my back from the Argus Leader … but as you know the only way to get an ax in the back is to be in front.”

Miller explained that the main dilemma in choosing or being chosen by a conference is about letting the loser down easy.

“We have to discuss nothing … those schools don’t have to say they have been turned down,”she said.

The Pride of the Dakotas has returned with participation of 370 students, Miller said. She went on to exhort students to find a trombone player for the Pride. Tubas have again been rented for the blossoming Pride participation.

As for worries that weather will detract from the late celebration of Hobo Day, Miller shared a spiritual anecdote.

“God is good,” Miller exhalted. “And she’ll make the sun shine.”

However, one “hiccup” this year will be the hiatus of computer access of records.

Computer access mainly affecting financial and academic records will be down for 2-3 weeks this semester.

Dean of Student Affairs Marysz Rames said that the third week in October until Nov. 17 the computers will be down. Computers should be back up in time for pre-registration.

Miller added, “For those 2-3 weeks you will not have access to anything you need.”

In other business, Senator of the Summer was awarded to Abby Bischoff, and Senator of the Week was awarded to Marty Hanson.

Finance Chair Dustin Wagner announced that final drafts for student club budgets is due Sept. 30, after which the finance committee will start analysis.

The first meeting of the Parking and Appeals Committee will be held Sept. 23 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the University Student Union Pasque room. So far over 40 appeals have been turned in to the University Police Department.