Young Mr. Steckelberg offers culinary advice to sub-par eating establishment

Dj Steckelberg

Dj Steckelberg

Dear Red Wood Falls Pizza Hut,

Congratulations, well done and brrrrravo (make sure you roll those Rs for the proper hoity toity effect). The meal experience we received at your restaurant a couple of weekends ago was remarkable (meaning we can make remarks about it) to say the least.

When we first walked into your establishment and noticed that you had no other customers in there, we knew that we were going to receive the utmost in personal service.

At 7 p.m. on a Saturday that is unheard of. I mean, immediate seating, not to mention our choice of ornately decorated booths WOW! We knew we were in for a treat, we just didn’t know how much of one.

The ambiance alone would be enough for kudos. That subtle style that says: “we could care about how it looks in here, but we don’t” really brings out “no pride in customer service” that is all the rage today.

The plates for your under-stocked buffet, still sitting on the cart you brought from the dishwasher looked marvelous.

The Styrofoam cups that held the cute little to-go packets of red peppers and parmesan cheese said: “here have these, we know that some might think the shakers look nicer and present an image of freshness, and that the use of packets may not be the best for the environment, but hey! We just don’t care.” How cool is that? Very French.

You just don’t see enough of that in American-style Italian restaurants.

The waiter, or cook … busboy maybe?? I’ll just say employee who brought us our menus was outstanding.

He gave us a good ten minutes or so to get settled before bringing us the menus. And then, so as not to offend any one by giving some one else a menu first, he plopped them right in the middle of the table so we could grab our own. Very thoughtful. Some might think that plopped wouldn’t be an encouraging word to use in this situation. But I know about your clever “we couldn’t care less” attitude.

“Go ahead and order at the counter when you are ready” said the employee, ornately dressed in a seemingly unwashed soiled uniform. Nice touch! No one is going to take your order at the table, no siree, that would spoil the effect.

After we order our food at the counter, the man behind the cash register (did he not have enough teeth, or did you use black-out to give him that special “trailer park in Arkansas” look? (and was the mullet a wig??)) told us that we could grab our “plates-n-stuff from the cart”. Which we did with smiles in our hearts.

The meal itself left us speechless. We were without speech. The spaghetti and meatballs not only were sparse in flavor (food with too much flavor can ruin a bad meal) but also were tactfully not over garnished with things like parsley or a plate. No, the Hungry-Man