Students share their roommate nightmares

Laura Haatvedt

Laura Haatvedt

So your roommate crawled into the wrong bed after the blacklight dance last Thursday night.

But how do your scary roommate stories stack up to these stories?

Sophomore Katherine Kesset came home to find her roommate sleeping naked after a dance last year.

“I told her I probably wouldn’t be back after the dance, but my friend and I had a fight that night so I decided to go back to my room,” Kesset said.

“I flipped on the light and quick flipped it back off. I just crawled up into my loft and went to sleep. She had early class, so she left before I woke up. But I don’t think she even locked the door.”

How to avoid this: Don’t sleep naked. Live alone. Lock the door.

Kesset also locked her roommate out of their room while she was in the shower last year.

“It was about noon and I had to leave for class. I thought she already left, but she was knocking on the door saying, ‘Kat, this isn’t funny!'” Kesset said.

How to avoid this: Take your room key and put it in your shower caddy.

Sophomore James Reybuck never caught his roommate sleeping in the buff, but his roommate took a new desk chair from one of the residence halls and decided to turn it into an art project by painting it and sprinkling glitter over top.

Reybuck decided to turn him in to the Residential Life authorities in order to save his own skin, because he didn’t want to share in taking the fall.

How to avoid this: Don’t steal a chair. If you do, don’t live with Reybuck.

Someday, your roommate relationship is sure to deteriorate.

When that happens, make peace and try to remember that the perfect roommate doesn’t exist.

All names have been changed to protect the innocent from painful and untimely deaths.