Helpful hints on partying, keeping the ‘rents happy

Libby Hill

Libby Hill

Dear Libby,

I’m only 18, but this is my first year away from home and I was really excited to party hard-core for my first college homecoming. I say “was” excited, because I just found out my parents are planning on coming up for the game and can’t wait to spend time with their little girl. How can I still have a great Hobo Day but get completely plastered?

-Daddy’s Girl

Dear Daddy’s Girl,

I have a feeling that many freshman and sophomores can relate to the sticky situation you’ve found yourself in.

While I would never dream of advocating anything as illegal as underage consumption, I’ll assume that you’re going to drink regardless of my advice and advise you as such.

What you need to do Girl, is figure out a workable schedule and stick to it! Now, you mention that your parents are coming up for the game, which I can only assume means that they won’t be here in the morning for the parade. This works well for you, as this means you can spend all Friday night “living it up,” so long as you make sure you STOP “living it up” early enough to be completely hangover-free come game time.

Also remember to make plans with your parents to meet at the game, in order to ensure no surprise phone calls announcing their early arrival in town and intention to take you to lunch.

When you get to the game, have a good time. Your parents want to see that you’re enjoying college and all that goes with it, and the more they worry about you, the longer they’re likely to stay. That would be a bad thing.

After the football festivities, you may want to think about going out to dinner with your parents, as free food is a poor college student’s best friend. It’ll also give you more face time with the ‘rents which will please them muchly.

You need to remember, Girl, to make sure you make it clear to your parents that you have plans to meet up with some friends at a predetermined time, say, 7:00. Make sure you tell your parents about your plans early, like when you meet them for the game, so that they’ll know that you have people to see and places to be.

Most of all, Girl, don’t make your parents feel as though they’re not wanted. Make time for them and have a good time. They love you and want the best for you.

Which leads me to my last point. Whatever you do, Girl, be safe about it. Hobo Days is a great event and can be lots of fun for everyone involved. But there’s no need to make an ass of yourself. Pass it on.

Libby can answer your parent-related questions and many others. Just ask her to at [email protected]