Photographs and Paintings by South Dakota Artists on Display

Nicolle Wiekamp

Nicolle Wiekamp

As part of the South Dakota Artists series, the artwork of photographer Jayne Erickson and artist Denise DuBroy will be featured at the South Dakota Art Museum beginning Monday, October 28.

Both artists have approximately a dozen pieces of artwork displayed as part of the series.

Erickson’s work is nature related black and white photographs, while DuBroy’s work is nature inspired abstract oil paintings.

Erickson is a freelance photograher and artist from Sioux Falls. In March the Professional Photographers of America named her the 2003 South Dakota Photographer of the Year.

She’s been working with photography for over 23 years.

“The magic of photography still amazes me,” she said. “I am fascinated with the imagery that surrounds us and I enjoy looking at natural forms and finding rhythms, contrasts and archetypal symbols.”

DuBroy is an artist from the Black Hills area. She has been using synthetic paper to create her paintings since 1990.

DuBroy gives her paintings depth by using a variety of tools such as putty knives, string, tape and even sticks to help her paintings create transparent layers.

DuBroy said that it’s important she makes time for the element of surprise each day in the studio.

“My paintings are never narrative or highly preconceived,” DuBroy said.

Erickson and DuBroy’s artwork will be on display through Jan. 25, 2004.