Jet’s First Album Okay

Jesse Christen

Jesse Christen

Jet is a rock band.

Their press release makes sure you know this. It goes on at great length about how they are influenced by rock classics ranging from AC/DC to Oasis to the Kinks. it even brags that Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Keith Richards, would love their album.

But does Jet really live up to the hype?

Their debut album, Get Born, showcases these Australian rockers kicking out some vintage inspired jams. I hear a large Kinks influence. But hey, most bands that are anybody love the Kinks. So that’s not so unusual. The first three tracks, “Last Chance,” “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” and “Rollover DJ” sound as if the Davis brothers could have co-written them.

I do enjoy “Roll Over DJ.” It’s a nice stab at the boring world of club music.

Songs like “Look What You’ve Done” showcase a mellow Beatles influenced sound.

Overall, this album is pretty good. But it doesn’t quite live up to Elektra records press. They do rock, but lack improvisational skill. There needs to be a sense of unpredictability to really make this band a rock classic. And guitarist Cam Muncey needs to spend a little more time studying the lead style of his hero, Angus Young.

I must say, I would rather hear Jet on the radio than today’s boring mix of lame pop-punk, post grunge and hip hop.

Get Born is a good debut release. Although it lacks anything amazing, I think this band might have a future.

3 Stars (Out of 5)