Two Laundromats vie for top Honors

Carrie Feistner

Carrie Feistner

You calculate exactly how many shirts, jeans and pairs of underwear you have left until you have to do a load of laundry. You’re coming close to the end, and decide this time you can’t just buy more. It’s time to actually do your laundry.

Where do you go? Where can you get the most for your money?

If you live on campus, the choice is easy. Most residence halls are equipped with a basement laundry room. The number of washers and dryers varies between buildings, and most cost 75 cents to wash and 50 cents to dry on a regular load machine. Some machines are capable of handling more. Doing laundry here is convenient, cheap and close.

But, if you live off campus and your residence doesn’t include laundry services, there are two public laundry mats in Brookings: Downtown Laundry and King Koin Launderette.

Downtown Laundry

Downtown Laundry is located downtown at 416 4th St., which is a little over a mile from campus. It is open 24 hours and has a variety of machines for different load sizes. There are 34 regular-load washers for $1.25, six bigger washers for $1.50 and two triple-load size for $3.50. The 24 dryers all cost 25 cents.

There is close parking in front of the store as well as a parking lot in the back for customers. This facility also has game machines, vending machines, a soap center, a pay phone, change machine, and two televisions.

King Koin Launderette

King Koin Launderette is located about 10 blocks from campus on 8th Street and Wilson Avenue. It has plenty of close parking in front of the building and is open from 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. There are 18 regular load washers for $1.00, eight double-load for $1.50, three triple-load for $2.50 and one super big quad-load for $3.00. If you have a lot of laundry, and I mean a lot of laundry, this monster machine would be for you!

King Koin also has 16 dryers that cost 25 cents for 10 minutes. This ’70s style laundry mat has many study tables and would be a good place for studying while you wait. It also has game machines, a pay phone, vending machine, change machine, soap dispenser and magazines. There is also a “dye” washing machine available for 75 cents.

The winner:

In my opinion, although Downtown Laundry might cost a little more, it is completely worth it. They have a friendlier atmosphere, better location and plenty of things for entertainment while you wait. This would be the best choice, unless you take it home!