Co-Rec Basketball Season Begins

Jamie Tanata

Jamie Tanata

SDSU’s Co-Recreational Intramural’s Basketball teams are in full swing as of last Mon., Oct. 27.

While some teams are out there just to have fun, others are out there to kick some butt on the court. Junior Kari Wessel, Team Manager of “Wheels,” has brought her team to their first victory for the start of the season.

“We’re out there just to have fun,” she said. Wessel has been playing for three years, along with other various intramural sports. Her team has a lot of background together as most of the players are from the Yellowstone Trail Conference, where she is originally from, Mound City, South Dakota.

Wessel’s main goal for the season is to just have a good time playing. On a competitive level however, one of her team’s strengths is because “Sarah’s in the paint,” she says with a laugh. She also attributes her team’s quickness, and good ball handling by the guys. As for weaknesses, she says her team lacks height. “We’re not very tall.”

The co-rec. leagues present a challenge more to the men than to the women players. “It’s harder for the guys than the girls because they are so limited,” Wessel said.

Teams play two men and three women in the first half switching the ratio in the second half. Men are not allowed in the offense/defensive lane or “paint,” and can only score two points for a 3-point shot. Women however, are allowed in the paint, allowing them to score 3-point shots. A woman must also touch the ball before a man shoots at the front line.

This season’s competition, Wessel says, is a combination of people who are out there to savor the victory, and those who are out there to just shoot some hoops.

“It’s like every year, there are teams that are competitive and those who want to have fun. That’s the point,” she said. “There’s always good competitive teams.”

Wessel’s team “Wheels,” includes freshman Kendrick Heilman and Kayla Huver, juniors Sarah Schanzenbech, Trever Moser, Dustin Schultz, and Greg Heinne, and seniors Nadine Brew and Leeann Zimmerman.

Co-Rec. Basketball Intramurals will wrap up on Nov. 30 leading the top teams into the championship tournaments Dec. 1 and 2.