Shopping Survival Guide

Carrie Feistner

Carrie Feistner

It’s that time of year again. Time to make out wish lists and exchange names for buying gifts. Then comes the same question you ponder every year at this time – what do I buy? What can I get the person that is hard to shop for? If you need some ideas, here are a few suggestions!

Getting Started

Linda Raabe of Evenson’s Hallmark in the University Mall, 416 22nd Ave. S., said they start setting up Christmas stuff early.

“We start Christmas in July with the ornament premiere,” Raabe said. “Christmas stuff is shipped early. We usually start setting up by September.”

Raabe said she shops all year for the people on her list.

“I’m a year-round shopper. Most people I buy for I know what they like and dislike,” Raabe said. “I go by the person. I know them well enough and see what is in their homes.”

Teri Sterud at The Index, 310 Main Ave., said she waits until before Christmas to shop.

“I shop last minute. [The best time to shop is] usually a week before Christmas for the deals,” Sterud said. “People drop hints and I just hope and pray they don’t get it first.”

Kathy Swanson at The Gift Gallery, 317 Main Ave., said some customers shop throughout the year. She said you should consider the person to find the right gift.

“You think about the person and what they like,” Swanson said. “Something they wouldn’t buy for themselves.”

Gifts for Girls

For girls, Raabe at Hallmark suggests Kim Anderson figurines, Cherish Teddies, Ty products and Snow Babies. Sterud at The Index suggests Groovy Girls, a new line of dolls and accessories.

Gifts for Boys

Spiderman, Batman and Power Rangers items might be a good idea for boys, Sterud said. She also included the idea of buying DVDs or CDs for the teenagers on your list. Raabe said video games are another possibility.

For Her

Hallmark Ornaments or collectables like Willow Tree Angels are what Raabe recommends.

Sterud adds things like sweaters, blouses, perfume or jewelry.

“[For females] bath salts, body spray or potpourri,” said Jessica Larson, a senior English major. “One time I bought a flag for the outside of the house even though I hate them. She liked it, but I didn’t.”

For Him

Men might be a little more difficult to buy for, but Raabe suggests Harley items or Terry Redlin things. Shirts or cologne might also be nice, Sterud said.

For Anyone

“For someone that has everything, I suggest coffees, candles or potpourri,” Sterud said.

Swanson adds picture frames, ornaments or decorative items as gifts for anyone.

Another idea to make shopping easier is to buy “together gifts” for couples instead of two separate presents like giving crock pots or frying pans, Sterud said.

But if that person is especially difficult to shop for, the overwhelming majority of people recommended gift certificates.

“For anyone, gift certificates. We sell a lot of them, and I think a lot of people do,” Raabe said.

Gift certificates could be used for many things like groceries, restaurants or car washes, she said.

“If you really don’t know what they like or want, I suggest gift certificates. They are always nice,” Sterud said.