Alumnus still true to SDSU colors


Heather Mangen

Dixie Serr will tell you that being involved with South Dakota State University is one of the best parts of her life.

Serr graduated in SDSU in 1962 with a degree in sociology and minors in child development and education.

Serr, like many other alumni, is still true to the blue and gold. She has found a way to give back to the school that has given her so much.

“I am glad to give back because of all the things [SDSU] has done for me,” she said.

Serr belongs to an SDSU alumni organization called the West River Alumni Group. The group does different fundraisers to raise money for SDSU.

One of their major projects is the West River Golf Tournament and Auction that is put on every July. Serr helps put the whole event into place.

“If you ask members of the West River Alumni Group to name their ‘most valuable player,’ each of them would say Dixie Serr.” said V.J. Smith, director of the Alumni Association. “More than once I’ve heard them say, ‘She is the glue holding this together.'”

The West River Group has raised over $75,000 for various student organizations. Serr hopes the donation will give opportunities to students.

“Hopefully we have touched many of the students at SDSU,” she said.

Serr has made many lasting friendships in the West River Alumni Group. It was more than just volunteering for her.

“It’s been the most rewarding and fun experience I’ve ever had.”

Serr was honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award in October for her work with the tournament and auction. She said it was an overwhelming feeling to be selected.

“It is the greatest honor I will ever have,” she said.

Although she was overjoyed to get the award, she said that the other members did just as much as she did.

“They are the heart and soul of the group, and I would have never gotten the award without them,” she said.

Many believe that Serr was a great candidate for the award because of her love for SDSU.

“”When talking with her, her energy and love for SDSU is apparent,” Ryan Howlett, Alumni Programs Coordinator, said in a letter of recommendation for the award. “She is one of the volunteers who is always willing to help brainstorm new ideas, work hard to continue past successes, and is willing to assist with anything that you ask her.”

Serr has a lot of pride in her education at SDSU.

“I truly love knowing that I graduated from the best school in the state of South Dakota,” she said.