If leaving SoDak, keep good humor

Chris Briddick

Chris Briddick

It’s that time of year again. Seniors lamenting about getting the hell out of Dodge.

Soon that disturbing commercial will reappear, the college graduate climbing into a truck full of livestock headed for Nebraska.

Aside from our smirking wish that the guy in the commercial is a USD grad, there’s great sadness in watching some of our best and brightest leave. It’s a sinister brain drain conspiracy no doubt underwritten by major U.S. cities.

Advice to those who leave though, keep your sense of humor. You will get a tremendous amount of ribbing about being FROM South Dakota. I Jackrabbit-guarantee it!

Be proud and explain our subtle differences with regard to places like the east or west coast and the sprawling major metropolitan areas in between.

Here are a few things to remember: