KSDJ is Getting Old

Colleen Stein

Colleen Stein

One of the last universities to invade the airwaves, South Dakota State University’s Campus Radio Advisory Council fought long and hard to get their own station. With attempts dating back to the early 1980s, SDSU finally received their on-air permit from the Federal Communications Commission. After raising enough money to erect an antenna tower on top of the NFA building, KSDJ was able to deliver their first broadcast across the air on 90.7 FM on Dec. 14, 1993.

To honor all of their hard work and success, the student-run alternative rock station is inviting all of their loyal listeners, SDSU students and area residents to join them in celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Throughout the month of December, KSDJ will be giving prizes away to lucky listeners who have tuned in to listen to their station. The gift bundles are from local businesses and on campus and range in value from $25 to $300. Gifts will include free CDs, as well as restaurant and store certificates.

This Friday the grand prize will be given away that includes a $250 gift card to the University Bookstore.

“This is our way of saying thanks to all of those who have listened in over the past 10 years,” Station Manager and SDSU sophomore Ashley Kenneth Allen said. “So to show our appreciation for their support, we’re giving them the presents.”

Along with Allen, KSDJ is operated by over 40 SDSU students. While a few students are employed in a paid position, several others come in and work on a volunteer basis. Throughout the past year, Allen and his fellow staff have worked hard to recreate and modify KSDJ’s methods of delivery.

“For the first time ever we’re on the air all year around, 24 hours a day, seven days a week,” Allen said. “We have a consistent format that has brought more listeners to KSDJ than ever before.”

In the past, the station has played host to such shows as “Electric Barnyard” for country music listeners lonesome for their John Deeres and the “Reagan Rock Hour”, dedicated to appeasing those who grew up in the ’80s generation of Aqua-net hair, pushed up coat sleeves and socks with high heels. Today, KSDJ is focusing more on exposing their listeners to today’s cutting- edge music, much of which that has not even hit the commercial stations yet.

Along with a constant stream of new DJs introducing fresh ideas, KSDJ has had the privilege of undergoing several technological advancements in the recent past. Donors and supporters from within the Brooking community have contributed funds that have enabled the radio station to expand their listenership by broadcasting through the World Wide Web.

KSDJ has its own Internet website, message board and audio streaming that enables people across the world to tune into and hear the voice that represents SDSU.

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