Sex column distasteful

Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wright

Honestly, this is the first school paper I have had a chance to read since I transferred to SDSU earlier this year.

Ironically, as read in your policy on letters to the editor, use of “offensive language” is not allowed and will not be tolerated.

Obviously, this does not apply to the Collegian itself, only its readers.

Many other students and I are completely disgusted by your profane article on blow jobs, which is, to say the least, an inappropriate column for a school paper. The entire article, specifically your choice of crude words, appalled us.

I believe SDSU students are adults, but I think that, as adults, we should be discussing “adult” issues, such as the promotion of abstinence versus sexual promiscuity.

The Collegian is supposed to represent SDSU and its students, and, while some students may want to read this sort of article, we must also keep in mind the image we are projecting to the rest of the surrounding community.

Despite the jargon used, SDSU students are not just “college kids.” We are adults, but we are never going to be treated as such if the newspaper, which represents us, writes such profanity.

All SDSU students do not have sex or perform these types of sexual acts.

Personally, I believe an apology is owed to all of the students and others who have either been misrepresented or offended by this distasteful trash.

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