Hometown Burgers Are Tasty

Carrie Feistner

Carrie Feistner

What’s not to like about going out and sampling burgers to rate the best one? I first asked around to see what some burger-loving college students recommended, and sampled from a variety of places.

Although I may not touch another burger for months, I did find what I thought was the best burger in Brookings (of the non-corporate chain variety).


Nick’s Hamburger Shop on Main Street has been open since 1929, and they know how to make a good hamburger at a good price. They combine good food with a unique “malt shop” atmosphere where you sit on stools at the counter to eat. The cost is “appropriate to the size” of the burger, as someone put it. A hamburger costs $1.14 with cheese adding an extra 25 cents. The burgers are pretty small though, which is why they usually ask you “How many do you want?” and their slogan is “Buy ’em by the bag.”


If you want a fun, easygoing atmosphere, I really enjoyed Cubby’s. They have plenty of television screens surrounding you to entertain as you dine. This would be a great choice if you were looking to eat a burger as you watch the big game. May not be a suitable location for small, intimate conversations.

Employee Friendliness

Although most places we went did have friendly employees, the Barrel Drive Inn had impressive service. They have friendly people who came around and checked on us, and even didn’t look at us too weird as three people shared one burger for supper.

Flavor and Overall Best

After trying burgers at multiple places, I’ve decided the South Main Diner has the best burgers. The burger tasted fresh and good, and it was served on a slightly toasted bun. Everything seemed just right and very good! The atmosphere was like a small caf, price was reasonable and the service was good.

My second choice would be Nick’s Hamburger Shop. They are really a unique atmosphere that students should really check out sometime while they are here.