Sex advice hubbub

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Well, since I am no longer at South Dakota State (and South Dakota as well), I don’t hear much about what is going on at my alma mater except from my alumni magazine. When I found out about the sex advice column online, I decided to check it out for myself.

I have to say that the sex advice column is pretty dull. I do apologize to the author to say that, but it really is. I do not see what the fuss is all about. I just see it as a bunch of narrow minded people getting all up in arms about nothing.

I suggest to all of you to read, Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” online. If you think what you read in the Collegian is bad, Savage’s advice column puts it to shame. He talks about condom use, abortion and everything else in between openly and honestly. If he gets opposition, Savage will bascially tell them to take a box of Ex-Lax and loosen up.

So, to everyone who thinks that the Collegian is going to hell in a handbag giving advice about sex, at least someone is talking about it instead of keeping it behind closed doors as a dirty secret.


Allen BrandtClass of 1999Minneapolis, MN