DSUA, SA budgets passed at weekly meeting


Four separate budgets were passed at last night’s SA meeting.

The SA was granted $53,800. The Students’ Association annually allocates student fee dollars to various student organizations.

The Department of Student Union and Activities was allocated $672,000 for administrative expenses like salaries, employee benefits and utilities in the Student Union. DSUA was also granted $195,000 for the costs of maintenance to the USU, which will continue through next year’s construction because of the need for heating and cooling systems and electricity during the project.

A special allocation of $21,072 was given to DSUA to pay for the increase in the cost of Internet ports for the student union, and this money will be included in the DSUA administrative budget in the future.

An ordinance to change Students’ Association by-laws failed as well. The ordinance would have designated the first senate seat for the College of Pharmacy for the student who receives the highest number of votes and is currently enrolled in the professional pharmacy program. The remaining seats would have then been filled by students who received the highest number of votes, whether they are in the pre-pharmacy or professional program.

Brookings mayor Scott Munsterman also attended the meeting to discuss a variety of topics with the SA. They included economic development, city planning, sustaining the quality of life in Brookings and the possible privatization of the city-owned liquor store.